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ASL Club - A New Student Club

BCC students are working hard to establish a new club for American Sign Language users on campus. The main body of the club is made up of ASL students, but they have extended a welcome and enlisted involvement of BCC’s Deaf students as well. The club, which will soon be voting on an official name, is hoping to increase student interaction, and bring Signed performances and events to the Eastside, under the guidance of faculty advisor, Rick Mangan one of BCC’s four ASL instructors.

The group has already scheduled a sign language performance, which is scheduled for May 30th at 7:30 pm. ASL teachers and Interpreters as well as students and alumni are donating their time and talents for this performance to raise funds for this new club.

Signing students rarely recognize one another on campus unless they share a class, or happen to catch each other in the act of signing. It is the aim of this new club to breed awareness and familiarity among BCC students who use and study ASL and to host performances and Deaf cultural events right here at Bellevue Community College.

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