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Department of American Sign Language

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Rick Mangan
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About Bellevue Community College's ASL Classes:

American Sign Language, the heart and soul of the America’s Deaf Community is a 3-dimensional, manual/visual language, produced by the hands, body and face, and perceived by the eyes (although Deaf-Blind members of the community “see” ASL with their hands!). ASL enables communication in situations where sound is ineffective!

BCC’s ASL credits transfer as language credits, and many universities accept ASL as a foreign language.

ASL classes introduce you to the Deaf Culture and opens your eyes to a whole new way of interacting with the world around you and people who live in it.

Bellevue Community College offers three levels of ASL that make up the first year of study. Student’s interested in continuing on transfer to other colleges that offer second year courses and interpreter training.

One of the first in the field to offer classes in ASL, BCC has been teaching students to sign since the early 1970’s and continues to maintain a highly qualified faculty with deep personal knowledge of the deaf culture and effective methods for teaching the language.

ASL Related Classes.

  • Special Topics in Education: Classifiers in American Sign Language. This brand new one credit class is being offered for the first time Spring quarter, 2002. Taught by popular instructor Clyde Vincent, students probe more deeply into the intriguing expressive possibilities of the ASL classifier. This is a class for students already undertaking ASL.

  • Early Childhood Education: Using Sign Language with your infant before your infant learns to speak. This very popular One Credit Class is taught by Rick Mangan and is usually offered in the Winter and Summer quarter.

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