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Barbara Bernstein
A graduate of Gallaudet University and California state university of Northridge, Barbara Bernstein began her teaching career in the fall of 1990 at Seattle Central Community College. Since then, she has taught beginning and advanced American Sign Language classes at various colleges including Bellevue Community College as well as Shoreline, Highline, and Everett Community Colleges. On occasion Barb has also done private contract work and tutoring with the Department of vocational Rehabilitation And Seattle Diversity Works.

Rick Mangan
Rick is hard of hearing and has been working for BCC since 1999 and is a member of the American Sign Language Teachers’ Association www.nalsa.org. He currently teaches the day time classes of ASL 101, 102 and 103. Rick is a Seattle area native and began his academic career at Bellevue Community college in the 1980’s before transferring to the University of Washington where he studied, English, Education and Human Development. Rick also teaches classes in Early Childhood Education focusing on the use Sign Language with infants and young children.

Rick has taught at the Hearing Speech and Deafness Center in Seattle, Microsoft, in Redmond and has facilitated workshops and lectured on ASL from Bellingham to Birmingham. Before coming to BCC, Rick spent 17 years with a local school district where he worked with deaf children and authored a book on the subject in the 1990’s.

Kenneth Raymond Puckett
Kenneth Puckett, M.S. teaches ASL at the Bellevue Community College part time, in addition to his full time position as the Executive Director of the Community Service Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, a non-profit organization in Seattle. He has professional experience in vocational rehabilitation and interpreter training programs.

Ken was born deaf to a hearing family, with no clearly determined cause of deafness. There are only three known deaf or hard of hearing people in his maternal family. He attended Arkansas School for the Deaf and Gallaudet University, where he earned a BA in art history. After working for ten years, he went to NTID to explore architecture, but ended up earning a MS in career and human resource development. Kenneth recently completed his second year as a resident of Seattle and greatly enjoys living in Seattle.

Debra Rudik
Debra began teaching at Bellevue Community College in the early 1990’s. After some time away, she returned to our campus where she teaches both ASL 101 and 102.

Clyde Vincent
Clyde has worked for BCC since 1994. A full time instructor for Seattle Central Community College, Clyde provides ASL instruction to BCC’s students on a part time basis for all three levels, 101, 102 and 103.

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